Dance Studio Rules

Brady Academy of Irish Dance Saskatoon Rules:


Following all Saskatchewan Health regulations regarding Covid-19. Please speak with a teacher for any questions.

Dancers MUST be ready for class on time. 

This means arriving at the studio 5 to 10 minutes early to put dance shoes on and start stretching. When the studio door opens, class will begin.

  •    Class discipline:

a.    Students are to treat their teacher and each other with respect.

b.    Talking while the instructor is talking is not allowed. Private conversations should occur outside of the studio.

c.    If there is a question, raise your hand or call on the teacher.

  •      Dress code:
Competitive dancers must wear poodle socks, stretchy shorts or capris & appropriate top to class. No long pants or jeans.Proper dance shoes must be worn during class time.  

  •     All dancers are expected to practice at home. Dancers are strongly encouraged to practice with appropriate music and shoes.

  •      Dance Performances:
  •    When Brady Academy Saskatoon is performing in public, competitive dancers only (advanced beginner and over) will perform. Once a beginner dancer has advanced to the satisfaction of the instructor, they too will be able to perform.

  •      Dance Studio Rules:
  •    Dancers are to change clothes in the washrooms only.
  •      Dance bags and shoes are to be kept neatly off to the side of the room.
  •      Parents will not be allowed inside the studio during class time.
  •      Water bottles and dance shoes only may be brought into the studio and placed against the wall – all other items must be left neatly off to the side of the room.
  •      Outside shoes must be left neatly at the studio entrance on the mat. No outdoor shoes are to be worn inside the studio.

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